Joomla Page Loading Procedure

1) Every page request almost always calls a component
2) First executes file with same name as component at /components/com_comname/comname.php. This is the component base file.
3) Joomla must find this file and class within it with same name or will fail.
4) In base file load component Controller file and instantiate
5) Create controller file. Extend base JController class
6) Controller file automatically loads requested view. Can set a default view.
7) Joomla automatically inserts the model for the view. The model file should be same name as view and placed in /models dir
8) If no layout specified for the view, will load default.php layout under the views/viewname/tmpl dir. This is the file that displays the view.
9) Default format is html. Will load with template. Html format uses view.html.php file in views/viewname/tmpl
10) To display with no template specify format value in url. Will load the appropriate view.[format].php file in views/viewname/tmpl

This describes the actual loading order of the framework components, initialization and events fired:

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