Joomla: Removing Paragraph Tags From TinyMCE Editor Text

The tinyMCE text editor by default will surround text with paragraph <p> tag. You can change this behavior by changing the new line setting in the TinyMCE plugin configuration in the backend.

In the Joomla backend admin page:

1) Select the Plugin Manager option in the Extensions Menu.
2) From the plugin list find the plugin named 'Editor - TinyMCE 2.0'
3) In the Plugin configuration find the New Lines parameter setting and
select BR Elements.

New lines will now end with </ br>

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  1. Great thank you, it worked, i thought it will insert but it didnt :)

  2. Almost there, paragraphs are useful for segmenting text. So 90% of the time it is helpful that it’s automated. What really bugs me is when I want to insert a stand alone image or an iframe