Joomla: Turning On Search Engine Friendly (SEF) Urls.

The following will enable SEF links for your Joomla site.

Enable mod_rewrite in Apache

You will have to load the mod_rewrite module. Un-comment this line in your apache config file httpd.conf and restart apache server.

LoadModule rewrite_module modules/

Turn on SEF settings

Go to Site -> Global Configuration settings in admin panel and turn on these settings in SEO settings section

Search Engine Friendly Urls - Yes
Use Apache mod_rewrite - Yes
Add suffix to Urls - Yes  

The add suffix to Urls setting will add .html to end of all the urls. This is optional.

htaccess file

Rename htaccess.txt file to .htaccess in the joomla root dir. For windows machines you will have to do this in dos terminal window using command ‘ren htaccess.txt .htaccess’

Your page urls will now display in SEF format such as http://localhost/myproject/how-to-do-this.html

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