Making custom drop down list using JHTML in Joomla

You can use the JHTML helper library to draw a custom drop down lists.

JHTML::_('select.genericlist', $dataArray, $name, $attributes, 
$valueField, $textField, $selectedValue);

The $dataArray must be an associative array like this

$arr[] = Array('val'=>1,'text'=>'Jan');
$arr[] = Array('val'=>2,'text'=>'Feb');

The $name is the name you want to give the drop down list.

The $attributes are the list properties you want to add.

The $valueField is name of the array field used for the actual value of list item.

The $textField is name of the array field used for the list item text to display.

This will display the dropdown named lstMonths with two months from $arr:

echo JHTML::_('select.genericlist', $arr, 'lstMonths', 'onChange=\"changeFunc()\"', 'val', 'text', $_POST['lstMonths']);

The actual select helper file is located in /libraries/joomla/html/html/select.php

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  1. Can you post more about this JHTML select?
    I need to display a data from the database in a dropdownlist using JHTML select.

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