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Joomla Article Access Levels

These are the different access levels you can set for Joomla articles. This value is set in field named access in jos_content and jos_jxzine_articles (jxtended Magazine) tables. Everyone can view the article 0 – Public Only registered logged in users can view the article 1 – Registered Only backend Admins can view the article 2 […]

Joomla/Jxtended: Query Building Within Gallery Component Using GQuery object

When customizing the Jxtended image gallery component, you might need to modify the queries it generates. It uses its own query builder functions to make the sql. You can specify the parts of the query in any order and GQuery will stick it all together into a sql statement. In this example will generate a […]

Joomla: Jxtended Library File Location

You can find the Jxtended plugin files in the plugins/system/jxtended directory from joomla root. The Jxtended javascript files are located under a different joomla root directory in media/jxtended/js

Joomla Jxtended Comments Component

To enable Comments: 1) Enable Comments option in Comment Component configuration in Admin. 2) Set Show Comments option in Magazine Component configuration in Admin To make article title show in comment form subject box and page url to be sent in email: 1) Comment out the conditional that checks for autodetect parameter in modules/mod_comments_comment/mod_comments_comment.php. Will […]

Joomla jxtended Magazine Tables

Jos_jxzine_articles – main articles table Jos_jxzine_categories – Categories table Jos_jxzine_articles_category_map – articles and category mapping table. Maps article to multiple categories. Left_id = article id. corresponds to jos_jxzine_articles id field Right_id = category id. corresponds to jos_jxzine_categories id field

Joomla: Article State and Jxtended Magazine Published Values

These are the possible values for state field in jos_content and published field in Jxtended Magazine jxzine_articles and jxzine_categories tables. 0 – un-published 1 – published -1 – Archived -2 – marked for deletion. Added to trash can, but not yet emptied.